Research Papers

Host Vesicle Fusion Protein VAPB Contributes to the Nuclear Egress Stage of Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 (HSV-1) Replication

Saiz-Ros, N., Czapiewski, R., Epifano, I., Stevenson, A., Swanson, S.K., Dixon, C.R., Zamora, D.B., McElwee, M., Vijayakrishnan, S., Richardson, C.A., Dong, L,, Kelly, D.A., Pytowski, L., Goldberg, M.W., Florens, L., Graham, S.V., Schirmer, E.C..

Molecular interactions between Hel2 and RNA supporting ribosome-associated quality control

Winz, M.-L., Peil, L., Turowski, T.W., Rappsilber, J. and Tollervey, D.

Aurora B kinase disrupts the extended conformation of lattice-bound Kinesin-13 MCAK

McHugh, T., Zou, J., Volkov, V., Bertin, A., Rappsilber, J., Dogterom, M., Welburn, J.P.I.

Centromere DNA destabilizes H3 nucleosomes to promote CENP-A deposition during the cell cycle

Shukla, M.,Tong, P.,White, S.A., Singh, P.P., Reid, A.M.,Catania,S., Pidoux, A.L., Allshire, R.C.

Systematic analysis of compounds specifically targeting telomeres and telomerase for clinical implications in cancer therapy

Lee, H-S., Carmena, M., Liskovykh, M., Peat, E., Kim, J-H., Oshimura, M., Masumoto, H.,Teulade-Fichou, M-P., Pommier, Y., Earnshaw, W.C., Larionov, V., and Kouprina, N.