Research Papers

Cyclin A triggers Mitosis either via the Greatwall kinase pathway or Cyclin B

Hégarat, N., Crncec, A., Suarez Peredo Rodriguez, M.F., Echegaray Iturra, F., Gu, Y., Busby, O., Lang, P.F., Barr, A.R., Bakal, C., Kanemaki, M.T., Lamond, A.I., Novak, B., Ly, T., Hochegger, H.

Convergent genes shape budding yeast pericentromeres

Paldi, F., Alver, B., Robertson, D., Schalbetter, S.A., Kerr, A., Kelly, D.A., Baxter, J., Neale, M.J., and Marston, A.L.

High density of unrepaired genomic ribonucleotides leads to Topoisomerase 1-mediated severe growth defects in absence of ribonucleotide reductase

Cerritelli, S.M., Iranzo, J., Sharma, S., Chabes, A., Crouch, R.J., Tollervey, D. and El Hage, A.

Structural basis for centromere maintenance by Drosophila CENP-A chaperone CAL1

Medina-Pritchard, B., Lazou, V., Zou, J., Byron, O., Abad, M.A., Rappsilber, J., Heun, P., and Jeyaprakash, A.A.

PALB2 Chromatin Recruitment Restores Homologous Recombination in BRCA1-deficient Cells Depleted of 53BP1

Belotserkovskaya, R., Raga Gil, E., Lawrence, N., Butler, R., Clifford, G., Wilson, M. D., & Jackson, S. P.