Research Papers

SpEDIT: A fast and efficient CRISPR/Cas9 method for fission yeast

Torres-Garcia, S., Di Pompeo, L., Eivers, L., Gaborieau, B., White, S.A., Pidoux, A.L., Kanigowska, P., Yaseen, I., Cai, Y., and Allshire, R.C.

Integrative vectors for regulated expression of SARS-CoV-2 proteins implicated in RNA metabolism

Bresson, S., Robertson, N., Sani, E., Turowski, T.W., Shchepachev, V., Kompauerova, M., Spanos, C., Helwak, A., and Tollervey, D.

The mRNA m6A reader YTHDF2 supresses pro-inflammatory pathways and sustains hematopoietic stem cell function

Mapperley, C., van de Lagemaat, L.N., Lawson, H., Tavosanis, A., Paris, J., Campos, J., Wotherspoon, D., Durko, J., Sarapuu, A., Choe, J., Ivanova, I., Krause, D.S., von Kriegsheim, A., Much, C., Morgan, M., Gregory, R.I., Mead, A.J., O’Carroll, D., and Kranc, K.R.

The proteomic landscape of centromeric chromatin reveals an essential role for the Ctf19CCAN complex in meiotic kinetochore assembly

Borek, W.E., Vincenten, N., Duro, E., Makrantoni, V., Spanos, C., Sarangapani, K.K., Flavia de Lima, A., Kelly, D.A., Asbury, C.L., Rappsilber, J., and Marston, A.L.

Stress-Induced Translation Inhibition through Rapid Displacement of Scanning Initiation Factors

Bresson, S., Shchepachev, V., Spanos, C., Turowski, T.W., Rappsilber, J., and Tollervey, D.