Research Papers

Structural basis of meiotic chromosome synaptic elongation through hierarchical fibrous assembly of SYCE2-TEX12

Dunce, J.M., Salmon, L.J., and Davies, O.R.

SUMOylation stabilizes sister kinetochore biorientation to allow timely anaphase

Su, X.B, Wang, M., Schaffner, C., Nerusheva, O.O., Clift, D., Spanos, C., Kelly, D.A., Tatham, M., Wallek, A., Wu, Y., Rappsilber, J., Jeyaprakash, A.A., Storchova, Z., Hay, R.T., and Marston, A.L.

Neuronal non-CG methylation is an essential target for MeCP2 function

Tillotson, R., Cholewa-Waclaw, J., Chhatbar, K., Connelly, J.C., Kirschner, S.A., Webb, S., Koerner, M.V., Selfridge, J., Kelly, D.A., De Sousa, D., Brown, K., Lyst, M.J., Kriaucionis, S., and Bird, A.

SALL4 controls cell fate in response to DNA base composition

Pantier, R., Chhatbar, K., Quante, T., Skourti-Stathaki, K., Cholewa-Waclaw, J., Alston, G., Alexander-Howden, B., Lee, H.Y., Cook, A.G., Spruijt, C.G., Vermeulen, M., Selfridge, J., and Bird, A.

SCF-Fbxo42 promotes synaptonemal complex assembly by downregulating PP2A-B56

Barbosa, P., Zhaunova, L., Debilio, S., Steccanella, V., Kelly, V., Ly, T., Ohkura, H.