Research Papers

The SPARC complex defines RNAPII promoters in Trypanosoma brucei

Staneva, D.P., Bresson, S., Auchynnikava, T., Spanos, C., Rappsilber, J., Jeyaprakash, A.A., Tollervey, D., Matthews, K.R., and Allshire, R.C.

Proteasome-dependent truncation of the negative heterochromatin regulator Epe1 mediates antifungal resistance

Yaseen, I., White, S.A., Torres-Garcia, S., Spanos, C., Lafos, M., Gaberdiel, E., Yeboah, R., El Karoui, M., Rappsilber, J., Pidoux, A.L., and Allshire, R.C.

Mechanistic basis for Sgo1-mediated centromere localization and function of the CPC

Abad, M.A., Gupta, T., Hadders, M.A., Meppelink, A., Wopken, J.P., Blackburn, E., Zou, J., Gireesh, A., Buzuk, L., Kelly, D.A., McHugh, T., Rappsilber, J., Lens, S.M.A., and Jeyaprakash, A.A.

Establishment of centromere identity is dependent on nuclear spatial organization

Wu. W., McHugh, T., Kelly, D.A., Pidoux, A.L., and Allshire, R.C.

The phospho-docking protein 14-3-3 regulates microtubule-associated proteins in oocytes including the chromosomal passenger Borealin

Repton, C., Cullen, C.F., Costa, M.F.A., Spanos, C., Rappsilber, J., and Ohkura, H.