Research Papers

A disease-linked lncRNA mutation in RNase MRP inhibits ribosome synthesis

Roberston, N., Shchepachev, V., Wright, D., Turowski, T.W., Spanos, C., Helwak, A., Zamoyska, R. and Tollervey, D.

Eco1-dependent cohesin acetylation anchors chromatin loops and cohesion to define functional meiotic chromosome domains

Barton, R.E., Massari, L.F., Robertson, D., and Marston, A.L.

Mapping the invisible chromatin transactions of prophase chromosome remodeling

Samejima, I., Spanos, C., Samejima, K., Rappsilber, J., Kustatscher, G., and Earnshaw, W.C.

Structural basis of meiotic chromosome synaptic elongation through hierarchical fibrous assembly of SYCE2-TEX12

Dunce, J.M., Salmon, L.J., and Davies, O.R.

SUMOylation stabilizes sister kinetochore biorientation to allow timely anaphase

Su, X.B, Wang, M., Schaffner, C., Nerusheva, O.O., Clift, D., Spanos, C., Kelly, D.A., Tatham, M., Wallek, A., Wu, Y., Rappsilber, J., Jeyaprakash, A.A., Storchova, Z., Hay, R.T., and Marston, A.L.