Programme Details

Programme Details

The first year of the programme combines three mini-projects with courses on bioinformatics, chemical and structural biology, mass spectrometry, microscopy and systems biology. This is followed by three further years of full time research, which are normally conducted in a research group that hosted one of the first year mini-projects.

A weekly lecture course runs throughout the period of the rotation projects. During the first rotation this takes the form of a taught course entitled "Method and Logic". The aim of this course is to help students to rigorously and logically interpret experimental data and critically examine the published literature. There are presentations by international speakers during the two remaining rotation periods.

At the end of the first year, the degree of MSc by Research is awarded to qualifying students, based on rotation project reports and the PhD project outline. This involves assessment of the work of the students by an external examiner from outwith the University.

Research towards the PhD degree formally begins at commencement of the second year of study.


This PhD Programme is active but is not recruiting new students