Research Groups


PhD Programme Supervisors


Supervisors on the PhD Programme are members of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology who lead outstanding research groups working in many aspects of cell biology.   


The main areas of research in the Centre are

  • mechanisms of cell growth and duplication
  • determinants of cellular architecture
  • RNA biogenesis, processing, localisation and degradation
  • epigenetic control of chromosome function


Teaching staff on the programme also include several key scientists from outside the Centre with particular expertise in systems biology, chemical biology and translational research. 


Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology

Robin Allshire Epigenetic regulation in trypanosomes
Jeyaprakash Arulanandam Structural biology of cell division
Jean Beggs mRNA splicing and links to transcription
Adrian Bird Reading and writing the DNA methylation signal
Bettina Boettcher Structural dynamics of complexes
Atlanta Cook Structural RNA biology
Bill Earnshaw Non-histone proteins in chromosome structure and segregation in mitosis and meiosis
Sander Granneman Protein-RNA interactions
Kevin Hardwick Mitosis and the spindle checkpoint
Patrick Heun Centromere and nuclear organisation
Adele Marston Meiotic kinetochores and cohesion
Gracjan Michlewski MicroRNA processing and function
Hiro Okhura Meiotic spindle and chromosomes
Juri Rappsilber Protein organisation and composition of chromatin
Ken Sawin Microtubule organisation and its role in cell polarity
Eric C Schirmer Influence of the nuclear envelope on cell differentiation and genome architecture as possible explanations for its role in diverse human diseases
David Tollervey RNA processing and surveillance
Philipp Voigt Molecular mechanisms of epigenetics
Malcolm Walkinshaw Structural biology
Julie Welburn Microtubules and mitosis
SynthSys Centre, Edinburgh
Manfred Auer Chemical systems biology and drug discovery technology development
Andrew Goryachev Modelling cellular morphogenesis
Andrew Millar Systems biology
Peter Swain Cellular decision-making