BSCB Raff Medal Awarded to WCB PhD graduate Flora Paldi

Recent PhD graduate Flora Paldi has been awarded the British Society for Cell Biology (BSCB) inaugural Raff Medal. 

The annually awarded Raff Medal was created in 2020 to recognise PhD students who have made “outstanding contributions to UK/Ireland cell biology.” Candidates are evaluated based on the excellence of their research as well as their community and public engagement activities. It is named after Professor Martin Raff, a pioneer in cell biology and former president of the BSCB.

Flora was a student on the 4 year Wellcome PhD programme in Cell Biology from 2016-2020. Her PhD project in Adele Marston’s lab focused on how the structure of chromosomes influences the accuracy of their movement and inheritance during cell division. In April, her study “Convergent genes shape budding yeast pericentromeres” was published in Nature.

Flora is now a postdoctoral scientist in Giacomo Cavalli’s lab in CNRS Montpelier, France. 

BSCB PhD Award – Raff Medal

BSCB PhD Award – Inaugural Raff Medal Winner 2021: Flora Paldi