Adrian Bird

Congratulations to Adrian Bird who received the International Prize for Translational Neuroscience of the Gertrud Reemtsma Foundation for findings on the cause of Rett syndrome.  

Julie Welburn - Successful BBSRC ALERT21 bid

Bill Earnshaw

Congratulations to Bill Earnshaw as he was recently elected to the Academia Europaea.

Co-Head of Institute for Cell Biology

Congratulations to JP Arulanandam who, alongside Liz Bayne, has agreed to take on the role of Co-Head of Institute for Cell Biology for three years from 1st August 2022. We wish you well in your new role.

Bill Earnshaw elected to the Council of the American Society for Cell Biology

Congratulations to Bill Earnshaw who has been elected to the Council of the American Society for Cell Biology. 

David Tollervey elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Congratulations to David Tollervey who has been elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

First Gene Therapy Trial for Rett Syndrome - based on Bird Lab research

On 29th March 2022 a clinical trial was announced by the California-based Company “Taysha Gene Therapies”. This is the first gene therapy trial for Rett syndrome and is based on a “mini-MeCP2” construct that Prof Adrian Bird’s laboratory published in Nature in 2017 (Tillotson et al, 2017) and patented via Edinburgh University. Taysha sub-licensed the IP and will conduct a phase 1 trial in Montreal in the coming months.

Adele Marston elected to Fellow of The Royal Society of Edinburgh

On the 22 March The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) announced that Adele Marston has been elected as an RSE Fellow.

Julie Welburn received the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) Patrick Neill Medal

Congratulations to Dr. Julie Welburn, who is one of just 9 recipients of this year’s Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) medals.  Julie has been awarded the RSE Patrick Neill Medal for enhancing our understanding of human cell division and disease through her research into the structure and cooperativity of key motor proteins and microtubule tracks.

BSCB Raff Medal Awarded to WCB PhD graduate Flora Paldi

Recent PhD graduate Flora Paldi has been awarded the British Society for Cell Biology (BSCB) inaugural Raff Medal. 

Caffeine shot delivers wakeup call on antifungal drug resistance

The management of fungal infections in plants and humans could be transformed by a breakthrough in understanding how fungi develop resistance to drugs.

EMBO membership awarded to Dónal O'Carroll

Professor O’Carroll is a Group Leader in WCB and Associate Director at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine. He is recognised for his outstanding contribution to reproductive biology.

Robin Allshire elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences 2020

This prestigious fellowship recognises the major contributions that Robin Allshire has made to our understanding of chromosome structure and function. By taking advantage of a genetically tractable organism with centromeres that resemble those of higher eukaryotes, Robin Allshire is established as a world leader in the study of how the chromatin segregation machinery works.  His findings uncover key generalisations regarding the function of hererochromatin and centromere assembly that have relevance to human biology and disease.

COVID-19 responses from WCB

The Edinburgh Protein Production Facility (EPPF) will play an important role in the newly established COVID-19 Protein Production Consortium (CPPC). This national network aims to provide essential protein reagents to support SARS-CoV-2 research, through the COVID-19 Protein Portal.

Brain Prize awarded to Adrian Bird

Professor Sir Adrian Bird has been announced as joint winner of the Brain Prize – the most valuable research prize for neuroscience – in recognition of his groundbreaking research on Rett Syndrome.

David Tollervey and Sara Macias to participate in EU Twinning Project

David Tollervey, from the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology and Sara Macias from the Institute of Immunology and Infection Research will take part in a twinning project with the Central European Institute of Technology and other partners, to share research expertise on RNA biology.

Sale of straw art Christmas cards raises funds for Engage Nepal

The sale of Christmas cards made using traditional Nepalese straw art has raised more than £350 for the Engage Nepal with Science project. The cards were designed and created by Alba Abad, the Centre's public engagement team and a group of researchers from the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology and the School of Biology.

New Wellcome Four Year PhD Programme in Integrative Cell Mechanisms

Funding has been awarded for a new Wellcome Four Year PhD Programme in Integrative Cell Mechanisms. This PhD programme is affiliated with the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology within the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Edinburgh and will train the next generation of cell and molecular biologists in the application of quantitative methods to understand the inner workings of distinct cell types in different settings.

Centre Group Leaders visit WACCBIP, Ghana

At the end of July 2019, Robin Allshire, Patrick Heun and Atlanta Cook travelled to the West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens (WACCBIP) in Ghana to attend the WACCBIP annual research conference.   The trip was funded by a grant from the Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund with the purpose of developing mutually beneficial collaborations between the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology and the WACCBIP community.

Adele Marston elected to EMBO

On 11 June, EMBO announced that Adele Marston has been elected to its membership.  She joins a group of the best life science researchers in Europe and around the world.

Latest findings could lead to development of new drugs to treat Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Research into the role of the protein, YTHDF2, in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) has identified YTHDF2 as a promising drug target for the treatment of AML.  

Dónal O’Carroll to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

On Friday 1 March 2019, the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) announced that Dónal O’Carroll is one of 62 new fellows who will be inducted in May 2019.

Julie Welburn receives EMBO Young Investigator Award

Julie Welburn has been selected to receive one of this year’s prestigious EMBO Young Investigator awards.

Jean Beggs Awarded RNA Society 2018 Life Time Achievement Award

It has been announced that Jean Beggs is the recipient of the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award from the RNA Society.  This will be formally awarded at the RNA Society meeting in Berkley, California, USA, in May-June 2018. The award recognises her work on yeast splicing and transcription and her contribution to the understanding of the yeast splicing machinery.

Solving a century-old mystery in cell division

It has been a biological mystery for over 100 years and stimulated fierce debate amongst scientists. How do cells package long, tangled strands of chromosomes into tightly compact structures before cell division. A remarkable new study published in Science has revealed the answer. Professor Bill Earnshaw explains how he tackled this problem and why collaboration was the key to success.

Olive oil implicated in prevention of tumour formation

The Michlewski lab have shown that oleic acid, the primary ingredient of olive oil, can help prevent cancer-causing genes from functioning in cells. (Kumar S, Downie Ruiz Velasco A, Michlewski G (2017) J. Mol Biol, 429: 1638–164)

Funding for Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology Renewed

The Wellcome Trust announced on Wednesday 7 December that they will renew funding for the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology for five years.

Daiwa Adrian 2016 Prize presented to Bill Earnshaw

On 15 November Bill Earnshaw was presented with a Daiwa Adrian 2016 Prize at the Royal Society London for his long standing scientific collaboration with Dr Hiroshi Masumoto, Kazusa DNA Research Institute, Japan.

2016 Novartis Medal and Prize awarded to David Tollervey

David Tollervey was presented with the 2016 Novartis Medal and Prize by the Biochemical Society at the 81st Harden Conference: RNA and Disease in Winchester at the beginning of September.

Marie-Luise Winz awarded the first Foerderpreis

Marie-Luise Winz, a postdoctoral researcher in the Tollervey lab, was presented with the ‘Foerderpreis 2016’ of the ‘Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh), Fachgruppe Biochemie’ at their annual conference in Frankfurt, Germany, on 7 July.