iCM Project Supervisors

All iCM PhD projects are collaborative between two supervisors who have complementary expertise:  one in cell mechanisms and one in quantitative skills. The definition of ‘quantitative skills’ is broad and includes Computational Data Sciences, Mathematics, Biophysics, Structural Biology, Chemical Biology and Biomaterials. By integrating these different areas into collaborative cross-disciplinary projects we will break new ground in understanding cellular mechanisms pertinent to the biomedical arena.
The following supervisors are affiliated with the programme. Each year supervisors are asked to establish partnerships to develop exciting inter-disciplinary projects. Therefore, the list of projects and supervisor pairings offered to each cohort will change annually.  

2022 - 2023 iCM Project Supervisors

Name Topic Website
Cei Abreu-Goodger RNA Computational Genomics Cei Abreu-Goodger Research
Ian Adams Mammalian Meiosis Ian Adams Research Group
Neha Agrwall Systems physiology, obesity and associated disorders, neuro-metabolism, adipose biology, Drosophila disease models Neha Agrwall Profile
Robin Allshire Chromatin-based epigenetic inheritance Robin Allshire research
Jeyprakash Arulanandam  Structural Biology & Cell Division Jeyprakash Arulanandam
Paul Barlow  The complement system and disease   Paul Barlow Profile
Elizabeth Bayne Genome Regulation & Epigenetics Bayne Lab
Wendy Brickmore Genome regulation and organisation Wendy Bickmore Research Group
Adrian Bird Epigenetics and disease Adrian Bird Research
Clare Blackburn Tissue stem cells & reprogramming:Synthetic Thymus Biology Clare Blackburn Research Group
Sara Buonomo DNA replication/nuclear organisation Sara Buonomo Lab
Dominic Campopiano Sphingolipid biosynthesis Dominic Campopiano Profile
Ian Chambers Pluripotent Stem Cell Biology Ian Chambers Research Group
Dhanya Cheerambathur Neuronal Cytoskeletal Mechanisms Dhanya Cheerambathur Research
Atlanta Cook Structural RNA Biology Atlanta Cook Research
Owen Davies Mammalian Meiosis Cell Division Biology Research Group
Katherine Dunn Bioengineering Katherine Dunn Profile
William Earnshaw Chromosome structure & segregation William Earnshaw Research
Alistair Elfick Mammalian synthetic biology; optical spectroscopy; biometroalloisgtya Alistair Elfick Profile
Meriem El Karoui Systems biology of bacterial DNA repair Meriem El Karoui Profile
Jose-Luis Garcia Perez Mammalian Retrotransposons Jose Luis Garcia-Perez Research Group
Nick Gilbert Chromatin Structure Nick Gilbert Research Group
Andrew Goryachev Centromere organization Andrew Goryachev Research Group
Sander Granneman RNA Systems Biology Granneman Lab
Ramon Grima Stochastic modeling of biosystems Ramon Grima Research Group
Kevin Hardwick Mitosis in fungal pathogens Hardwick Lab
Patrick Heun Epigenetic inheritance and organisation of centromeres Patrick Heun Research
Matt Horrocks Single molecule Biophysics The Edinburgh Single-Molecule Biophysics (ESMB) Group
Alison Hulme Synthetic methodology development and chemical biology in biology and medicine Alison Hulme Profile
Andrew Jackson Microcephaly, genome stability, inflammation and growth Andrew Jackson Research Group
Grzegorz Kudla RNA synthetic biology Grzegorz Kudla Research Group
Georg Kustatscher How Protein levels are regulated: proteomics, transcriptomics and computational approaches Georg Kustatscher Profile
Nadanai Laohakunakorn Synthetic biology Laohakunakorn Research Group
Sally Lowell Pluripotent stem cell differentiation Sally Lowell Research Group
Cait MacPhee Biomolecular self-assembly Cait MacPhee Profile
Sveta Makovets Telomeres and genome stability Sveta Makovets Profile
Davide Marenduzzo DNA and chromosome modelling Davide Marenduzzo Profile
Joseph Marsh  Structural bioinformatics Joe Marsh Research Group
Adele Marston Mitosis and Meiosis Adele Marston Research
Filippo Menolascina    Modeling endogenous and synthetic biomolecular networks in-silico and in-vivo/in-vitro experiments in microfluidics Filippo Menolascina Profile
Davide Michieletto DNA topology  Topologically Active Polymers (TAP) Lab
Dónal O'Carroll RNA and the germline Dónal O'Carroll Research Group
Hiro Ohkura Meiotic spindle and chromosomes in oocytes Hiro Ohkura Research
Diego Oyarzun Systems & Synthetic Biology Diego Oyarzun Profile
Teuta Pilitoza Biological physics: bacterial electrophysiology

Teuta Pilitoza Profile

Chris Ponting Computational and experimental genomics, biophysics, noncoding RNAs, evolution, gene regulation, and biology of single cells Chris Ponting Research Group
Lynne Regan Illuminating and modifying the proteome Regan Lab
Susan Rosser Synthetic Biology Rosser Lab
Ken Sawin  Cell polarity, stress and the cytoskeleton Ken Sawin Research
Eric Schirmer Nuclear membrane functions Eric Schirmer Profile
Chris Sibley RNA biology and molecular neuroscience Sibley Lab
Abdenour Soufi Chromatin structure and cellular identity Abdenour Soufi Research Group
Peter Swain Cellular decision-making Swain Lab
David Tollervey RNA-protein interactions David Tollervey Research
Philipp Voigt Chromatin-based mechanisms Philipp Voigt Research
Edward Wallace RNA systems biology in fungi Edward Wallace Profile
Andrea Weisse Computational systems biology, antimicrobial resistance, disease transmission Andrea Weiss Research
Julie Welburn Mechanistic cell Biology of cell division and cytoskeleton Julie Welburn Research
Val Wilson Early embryo development Val Wilson Research Group
Marcus Wilson Mechanisms of Epigenetic Marks  Marcus Wilson Research
Chris Wood Protein design Wells Wood Research Group