Research Papers

CENP-A confers a reduction in height on octameric nucleosomes

Matthew D D Miell, Colin J Fuller, Annika Guse, Helena M Barysz, Andrew Downes, Tom Owen-Hughes, Juri Rappsilber, Aaron F Straight & Robin C Allshire

A transcriptome-wide atlas of RNP composition reveals diverse classes of mRNAs and lncRNAs

Tuck, A.C. and Tollervey, D.

Specific nuclear envelope transmembrane proteins can promote the location of chromosomes to and from the nuclear periphery.

Zuleger N, Boyle S, Kelly DA, de Las Heras JI, Lazou V, Korfali N, Batrakou DG, Randles KN, Morris GE, Harrison DJ, Bickmore WA, Schirmer EC.

Mapping the human miRNA interactome by CLASH reveals frequent non-canonical binding

Helwak, A., Kudla, G., Dudnakova, T., Tollervey, D.

Rett syndrome mutations abolish the interaction of MeCP2 with the NCoR/SMRT co-repressor

Matthew J Lyst, Robert Ekiert, Daniel H Ebert, Cara Merusi, Jakub Nowak, Jim Selfridge, Jacky Guy, Nathaniel R Kastan, Nathaniel D Robinson, Flavia de Lima Alves, Juri Rappsilber, Michael E Greenberg & Adrian Bird