Research Papers

The C-terminal region of MCAK controls its activity and structure through a major conformational switch

Talapatra S., Harker B., Welburn JPI.

Long non-coding RNA-mediated transcriptional interference of a permease gene confers drug tolerance in fission yeast

R. Ard, P. Tong, R. C. Allshire

Trim25 Is an RNA-Specific Activator of Lin28a/TuT4-Mediated Uridylation

Nila Roy Choudhury, Jakub S. Nowak, Juan Zuo, Juri Rappsilber, Steven H. Spoel and Gracjan Michlewski

Genome-wide distribution of RNA-DNA hybrids identifies RNase H targets in tRNA genes, retrotransposons and mitochondria

El Hage, A., Webb, S., Kerr, A. and Tollervey D.

A cell suicide module: Auxin-induced rapid degradation of Inhibitor of Caspase Activated DNase (ICAD) induces apoptotic DNA fragmentation, caspase activation and cell death.

Samejima K, Ogawa H, Ageichik AV, Peterson KL, Kaufmann SH, Kanemaki MT, Earnshaw WC.