Research Papers

A cell suicide module: Auxin-induced rapid degradation of Inhibitor of Caspase Activated DNase (ICAD) induces apoptotic DNA fragmentation, caspase activation and cell death.

Samejima K, Ogawa H, Ageichik AV, Peterson KL, Kaufmann SH, Kanemaki MT, Earnshaw WC.

Sister kinetochores are mechanically fused during meiosis I

Krishna K. Sarangapani, Eris Duro, Yi Deng, Flavia de Lima Alves, Qiaozhen Ye, Kwaku N. Opoku, Steven Ceto, Juri Rappsilber, Kevin D. Corbett, Sue Biggins, Adèle L. Marston, Charles L. Asbury

Activation of the g-Tubulin Complex by the Mto1/2

Lynch EM, Groocock LM, Borek W, Sawin KE

Tension-dependent removal of pericentromeric shugoshin is an indicator of sister chromosome biorientation

Olga O. Nerusheva, Stefan Galander, Josefin Fernius, David Kelly and Adele L. Marston

Lin28a regulates neuronal differentiation and controls miR-9 production

Jakub S. Nowak, Nila Roy Choudhury, Flavia de Lima Alves, Juri Rappsilber and Gracjan Michlewski