Research Papers

The kinetochore prevents centromere-proximal crossover recombination during meiosis.

Vincenten N, Kuhl LM, Lam I, Oke A, Kerr AR, Hochwagen A, Fung J, Keeney S, Vader G, Marston AL.

Loss of the yeast SR protein Npl3 alters gene expression due to transcription readthrough

Holmes, R.K., Tuck, A.C., Zhu, C., Dunn-Davies, H.R., Kudla, G., Clauder-Munster, S., Granneman, S., Steinmetz, L.M., Guthrie, C. and Tollervey, D.

Epigenetics. Restricted epigenetic inheritance of H3K9 methylation.

Audergon P.N., Catania S., Kagansky A., Tong P., Shukla M., Pidoux A.L., Allshire R.C.

Mio depletion links mTOR regulation to Aurora A and Plk1 activation at mitotic centrosomes

Platani, M., L. Trinkle-Mulcahy, M. Porter, A.A. Jeyaprakash and W.C. Earnshaw

Structural evidence for Scc4-dependent localization of cohesin loading.

Hinshaw, S.M,, Makrantoni, V,, Kerr, A,, Marston, A.L,, Harrison, S.C.