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Research Papers

Zich J., May K., Paraskevopoulos K., Sen O., Syred H.M., van der Sar S.J., Patel H., Moresco J.L., Sarkeshik A., Yates III J.R., Rappsilber J., and Hardwick K.G.
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Holmes, R.K., Tuck, A.C., Zhu, C., Dunn-Davies, H.R., Kudla, G., Clauder-Munster, S., Granneman, S., Steinmetz, L.M., Guthrie, C. and Tollervey, D.
Audergon P.N., Catania S., Kagansky A., Tong P., Shukla M., Pidoux A.L., Allshire R.C.