Research Papers

Centromere transcription allows CENP-A to transit from chromatin association to stable incorporation

Bobkov, G.O.M., Gilbert, N., Heun, P.

Genes important for Schizosaccharomyces pombe meiosis identified through a functional genomics screen

Blyth, J., Makrantoni, V., Barton, R.E., Spanos, C., Rappsilber, J., Marston, A.L.

Transcription rate strongly affects splicing fidelity and co-transcriptionality in budding yeast

Aslanzadeh, V., Huang, Y., Sanguinetti, G., Beggs, J.D.

A pathway for mitotic chromosome formation

Gibcus, J.H., Samejima, K., Goloborodko, A., Samejima, I., Naumova, N., Nuebler, J., Kanemaki, M.T., Xie, L., Paulson, J.R., Earnshaw,W.C., Mirny,L.A., Dekker, J.

Radically truncated MeCP2 rescues Rett syndrome-like neurological defects

Tillotson, R., Selfridge, J., Koerner, M.V., Gadalla, K.K.E., Guy, J., De Sousa, D., Hector, R.D., Cobb, S.R., Bird, A.