Research Papers

Pervasive coexpression of spatially proximal genes is buffered at the protein level

Kustatscher, G., Grabowski, P., Rappsilber, J.

Molecular basis for Cdk1-regulated timing of Mis18 complex assembly and CENP-A deposition

Spiller, F., Medina-Pritchard, B., Abad, M.A., Wear, M.A., Molina, O., Earnshaw, W.C., Jeyaprakash, A.A.

Oleic Acid induces miR-7 processing through remodelling of pri-miR-7/protein complex

Kumar S, Downie Ruiz Velasco A, and Michlewski G.

Stepwise unfolding supports a subunit model for vertebrate kinetochores

Vargiu, G., Makarov, A.A., Allan, J., Fukagawa, T., Booth, D.G., Earnshaw, W.C.

Nuclear RNA decay pathways aid rapid remodeling of gene expression in yeast

Bresson, S., Tuck, A., Staneva, D. and Tollervey, D.