Research Papers

Systematic analysis of compounds specifically targeting telomeres and telomerase for clinical implications in cancer therapy

Lee, H-S., Carmena, M., Liskovykh, M., Peat, E., Kim, J-H., Oshimura, M., Masumoto, H.,Teulade-Fichou, M-P., Pommier, Y., Earnshaw, W.C., Larionov, V., and Kouprina, N.

High-resolution mapping of centromeric protein association using APEX-chromatin fibers

Oligomerization of Drosophila Nucleoplasmin-like protein is required for its centromere localization

Anselm, E., Thomae, A.W., Arocia Jeyaprakash, A., Heun, P

A novel microtubule nucleation pathway for meiotic spindle assembly in oocytes

Microtubule end tethering of a processive kinesin-8 motor Kif18b is required for spindle positioning

McHugh, T., Gluszek-Kustusz, A., Welburn, J.P.I.