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Research Group Leaders


There are 18 research groups in the Wellcome Centre, the leaders are listed below. Click on a link to see a profile of each.


Robin Allshire Epigenetic inheritance: establishment and transmission of specialized chromatin domains
Jeyaprakash Arulanandam Structural Biology of Cell Division
Jean Beggs The mechanism and regulation of pre-mRNA splicing and links to transcription
Adrian Bird Modelling the variable severity of Rett syndrome mutations
Patrick Cai Synthetic Genomics
Atlanta Cook Structural biology of macromolecular complexes involved in RNA metabolism
Bill Earnshaw The role of non-histone proteins in chromosome structure and function during mitosis
Patrick Heun Epigenetic regulation and nuclear organization of chromosomes
Adele Marston Orienting Chromosomes during Mitosis and Meiosis
Gracjan Michlewski Regulation of MicroRNA Processing and Function
Hiro Ohkura The meiotic spindle and chromosomes in oocytes
Juri Rappsilber 3D proteomics
Ken Sawin Microtubule nucleation, cytoskeletal organisation, and cell polarity
Eric Schirmer Nuclear envelope transmembrane protein regulation of tissuespecific genome organisation in differentiation and disease
David Tollervey Nuclear RNA Processing and Surveillance
Philipp Voigt Molecular Mechanisms of Epigenetic Gene Regulation
Malcolm Walkinshaw Molecular Recognition in Biological Systems
Julie Welburn Structural and cell biology of mitosis and microtubule motors