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Background & Aims


The Wellcome Trust Four Year PhD Programme in Cell Biology at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology offers training in cell biology from outstanding researchers in a stimulating environment.   Five places are available each year by competitive interview.   Teaching staff on the programme include several key scientists from outside the Centre with particular expertise in systems biology, chemical biology and translational research.

The aim of this programme is to train students in cutting-edge cell biology - the study of cellular structure and function from the level of molecules to that of organisms. Cell biology is multidisciplinary, with the latest techniques in imaging, genetic analysis, proteomics, systems biology and chemical biology being used to study cellular functions. It is a dynamic and exciting discipline that will increasingly underpin research in many different fields of biology.



The image shows a mobile sculpture inspired by the images of human dividing cells and created using dance dress mesh. Picture courtesy of Mar Carmena; sculpture by Shaeron Averbuch; Happi-Genetics/EdinCell are projects supported by ASCUS Art-Science collaborative and an Edinburgh Beltane Public Engagement Network Fellowship to Mar Carmena. Mar Carmena is a postdoctoral research associate in the Earnshaw lab.   Happi-Genetics is an art-science project that combines science, dance and plastic arts to raise public awareness of our research in genetics and cell biology.