Stepwise unfolding supports a subunit model for vertebrate kinetochores

Vargiu, G., Makarov, A.A., Allan, J., Fukagawa, T., Booth, D.G., Earnshaw, W.C.

PNAS (2017) 114: 3133-3138

Unfolding of centromere chromatin in CENP mutants. (A and B) Box and whisker plots displaying the spread of the datasets of unfolded fiber length measured in (A) wild type and the indicated mutants, after being blocked in nocodazole, and (B) wild-type and indicated mutant asynchronous cells. The height of the box defines the interquartile range; whiskers indicate the 10th and 90th percentile. The n number is specified in each box. (A) Each conditional knockout cell line has been tested for significant difference against unfolded fibers from control interphase or control mitosis. (B) Mann – WhitneyU test was performed confirming statistically significant differences between the mutants and wild-type fibers. (A and B) Mann – WhitneyU test: ***P < 0.001; ns, not significant; P > 0.05.

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