RNA polymerase II stalling at pre-mRNA splice sites is enforced by ubiquitination of the catalytic subunit

Milligan, L., Sayou, C., Tuck, A., Auchynnikava, T., Reid, J.E.A., Alexander,R., de Lima Alves, F., Allshire, R.,Spanos C.,Rappsilber, J.,Beggs, J.D., Kudla, G., Tollervey, D.

eLife 2017;6:e27082

Many RNA processing factors associate with the RNA polymerase, allowing information to be transmitted from the transcribing polymerase to the processing machinery on the nascent transcript. However, it was unclear whether or how information might be transmitted to the polymerase. Here we report that ubiquitination close to the active site of RNAPII occurs in response to RNA processing events, including pre-mRNA splicing, and is linked to transcriptional pausing. This is released by de-ubiquitination catalyzed by a Bre5-Ubp3 complex that associates with the nascent transcript following successful completion of splicing.

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