Cdc55 coordinates spindle assembly and chromosome disjunction during meiosis

Farid Bizzari and Adele L. Marston

J. Cell Biol. 2011;0 201103076, Published online Jun 20 2011

The PP2A regulatory subunit Cdc55 fine tunes the sequence and timing of both meiotic chromosome segregation events by limiting the activity of other phosphatases.

Meiosis is the cell division that generates gametes, such as eggs and sperm. Errors in meiosis can generate gametes with the wrong number of chromosomes and this causes infertility and birth defects. In this article, the Marston lab have used budding yeast as a model to demonstrate that a phosphatase regulatory subunit, Cdc55, is essential to control the activity of two further phosphatases during meiosis. They show that the coordinated action of these three phosphatases is essential to ensure accurate segregation of the chromosomes to produce functional gametes.

doi: 10.1083/jcb.201103076.

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