University research lights up the sky

The Swann Building, on the Kings Buildings campus, will be the backdrop of a unique building projection this week and the best views will be from Liberton.

The Swann Building is the home of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, a centre of world renowned research into cell biology.

The projection will run 11th and 12th November, beginning at sunset and carrying on until 11.30pm. It will light up the South Edinburgh horizon with futuristic, stunning images created in the research labs. Coming the weekend after bonfire night, it is hoped this projection will create it own fireworks.

The 'Seeing Cells' projection is to mark the opening of the Centre’s outreach project 'Life Through a Lens':

a project to engage school children, young families and the general public in the process of scientific discovery, understanding cells and how scientists today are building on the work of generations of scientists that came before them.

'Life Through a Lens' will be presented at the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh 12-24th November. It is open to the public at the weekends 1-4pm, 12th/13th/18th/19th November. Visitors will have the chance to use a microscope, meet a scientist and discuss the work of current and historical scientists.

On weekdays, schools from around Scotland will be visiting for a drama/workshop production. There will be lots of hands-on activites, using microscopes, plenty for children to do and the opportunity to meet and talk to our scientists.

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