David Tollervey awarded 2016 Novartis Medal and Prize

Congratulations to David Tollervey who has been awarded the 2016 Novartis Medal and Prize by the Biochemical Society.

The award to David is "in recognition of the influence he has had on the field of RNA Biology worldwide. Amongst David's many contributions, two themes are particularly noteworthy. Firstly, his work on the ribosome biogenesis which has been instrumental in identifying and characterising many of the factors involved in the synthesis, processing, assembly and maturation of the subunits which has led to a detailed understanding of the multiple-step pathways involved. Secondly, his ground-breaking work on RNA degradation complexes including the exosome."

The recipient of the Prize gives an award lecture at one of the Society’s conferences.  The date has still to be announced.

Further information about the Novartis Medal and Prize can be found on the Biochemical Society website at http://www.biochemistry.org/Awards/TheNovartisMedalandPrize.aspx