Daiwa Adrian 2016 Prize presented to Bill Earnshaw

On 15 November Bill Earnshaw was presented with a Daiwa Adrian 2016 Prize at the Royal Society London for his long standing scientific collaboration with Dr Hiroshi Masumoto, Kazusa DNA Research Institute, Japan.

Following an assessment conducted by a panel of Fellows of the Royal Society, the Trustees of The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation awarded four Daiwa Adrian 2016 Prizes of £10,000 to joint UK-Japan scientific research teams.

Daiwa Adrian Prizes are awarded by The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation on a triennial basis in recognition of significant scientific collaboration between British and Japanese research teams. They were established in 1992 and subsequently renamed to commemorate the late Lord Adrian, a founding Trustee of the Foundation, at whose initiative the Prizes were established.

Since their launch, 42 Prizes totalling £485,000 have been awarded to 84 teams representing 77 different institutions, including 36 from the UK and 39 from Japan – indicating the breadth and diversity of scientific achievement by scientists in the two countries.

The Prizes were assessed by the Royal Society’s Hook Committee, chaired by Professor Richard Morris CBE FMedSci FRS. In the Committee’s appraisal, comments ranged from ‘A truly international collaboration, longstanding, tightly interwoven and productive’ to ‘The potential impact of this research is very exciting and the underlying science captivating.’

Previous Daiwa Adrian Prizes have recognised ground-breaking work in areas as diverse as antibiotics research, plasma physics, aerospace exploration and plant-pathogen interaction.

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