Four Year PhD in Integrative Cell Mechanisms

Training the next generation of Molecular Cell Biologists


Background and Aims of Programme

The Four Year PhD Programme in Integrative Cell Mechanisms (iCM) is closely associated with the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology and trains the next generation of cell and molecular biologists in the application of quantitative methods to determine cellular mechanisms.

Data generated by biological research requires increasingly complex analysis. The aim of this PhD Programme is to promote development of the analytical skills necessary to take full advantage of cutting edge approaches and to develop the skills necessary to embrace future technological advances.

PhD projects are cross-disciplinary involving two primary supervisors with complementary expertise.

Applications are encouraged from students with a variety of backgrounds including Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Computational Data Sciences, Engineering, Genetics, Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Physics. Students are trained to adapt, broaden and apply their skill set to the understanding of cellular mechanisms of biomedical importance.

Programme Details

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Image © Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology.  Designed by Jesus Torres-Garcia (Allshire Lab) based on a 3D reconstruction of mitotic chromosomes (Earnshaw Lab).