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Welcome to Cell Biology

Visualization of the inner and outer nuclear membrane using high resolution OMX microscopy (Green: Nuclear Envelope Transmembrane protein -NET-; Red: Nup358). Schirmer Lab

The Centre for Cell Biology is one of eight UK-based Wellcome Trust Centres, two of which are in Scotland. We were granted full Centre status by the Wellcome Trust in 2001, the year that the draft human genome was published.

Our mission is to play a significant part of the scientific global endeavour aimed at understanding living systems at the molecular level, making discoveries that advance knowledge of normal and abnormal cell function.

We currently specialise in the following areas: 1) the synthesis, processing, localisation and degradation of RNA; 2) epigenetic control of chromosome function; 3) mechanisms of cell growth & duplication; 4) the rules that govern cellular architecture.

Our research is “investigator-led”; in other words, the Centre’s scientific progress depends on the ingenuity and curiosity of its research group leaders, each of whom follows his or her own instincts.